Andrés Bartolomé Leal

Andrés Bartolomé Leal is a Phd candidate in English Studies at the University of Zaragoza, where he obtained his degree on English Philology and a M.A. on Textual and Cultural analysis. His present research revolves around the concepts of globalization, transnationalism and space in the cinema of Roman Polanski.

His other areas of interest include cosmopolitanism, representation, and film theory.


“Boyz out the Hood?: Geographical, Linguistic and Social Mobility in John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood” Journal of English Studies. Vol. 11, (December 2013) pp. 27-39.

“Strangers in a Strange Land: Cinema, Identity and the Modern Nation-State in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer.” Atlantis. Journal of the Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies, vol. 37 (2) , pp.119-136

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