Elena Oliete

8Associate Professor at the Department of English Studies of the University of Zaragoza. My research centers on film genre and cultural studies. I am currently analyzing filmic representations of the economic crisis in contemporary transnational cinema. I am part of the research group “Film and crisis: social change and representation in the cinema of the new century”.

Some of my recent publications are:

Oliete-Aldea, E. (2021). Transnational representation of a gendered recession in corporate dramas. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol. 24(2) 514–529. https://doi.org/10.1177/1367549420919860

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2020. “Indian Muslims in British Cinema: Identification and Denial”. In Revolving around India(s): Alternative Images, Emerging Perspectives. Olive-Cruz, Juan Ignacio, Antonia Navarro Tejero and Jorge Diego Sánchez (eds.). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 256-271. 

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2018. “Global Financial Crisis in Local Filmic Scenarios: Transnational Cinema of the Great Recession”. In Parvulescu, C. (ed.) Global Finance on Screen. From Wall Street to Side Street. Routledge.

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2016 “The Great Recession and Transnational Horror: Sajit Warrier's Crossover Film Fired (2010)”. Journal of Popular Culture, 49:5. ISSN: 1540-5931. 2016: 1163-1183

Oliete, Elena. 2015. Hybrid Heritage on Screen. The Raj Revival in the Thatcher Era. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-1-137-46396-8.

Oliete, Elena, Beatriz Oria y Juan Tarancón (eds.). 2015. Global Genres-Local Films. The Transnational Dimension of Spanish Cinema. New York: Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781501302992

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2015 “Places of memory in the new millennium: British influence on Spanish transnational heritage cinema and television”. Studies in Spanish & Latin American CinemasVolume 12, Issue 2: 175-196.  June 2015. ISSN: 2050-4837.

Oliete Aldea, Elena. 2013. Hybridity as the Most Outstanding and Polemical Contemporary Mark of Aboriginal Identity as Reflected in Sally Morgan’s My Place and Roberta Sykes’ Trilogy Snake Dreaming, Ann Arbor: Proquest. ISBN 978-1-303-17715-6.

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2013. “Slumdog Millionaire (Boyle, 2008): Identifying national identities in a transnational film”. In De Gregorio-Godeo, Eduardo and Ángel Mateos-Aparicio (eds.). Mapping Identities and Identification Processes: Approaches from Cultural Studies. Berna: Peter Lang: 223-234.

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2012. “Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice: A Transnational Journey Through Time and Space”. 2012 International Journal of English Studies. ISSN. 1578-7044. Volume 12, Number 1: 167-182.

Oliete-Aldea, Elena. 2012. “Fear and Nostalgia in Times of Crisis: the Paradoxes of Globalization in Oliver Stone’s Money Never Sleeps (2010)”.  Culture Unbound, Volume 4: 347-366. http://www.cultureunbound.ep.liu.se/v4/a18/


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