Luis M. García-Mainar

12Luis M. García-Mainar is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, member of the research group "Film, culture and society" ( and leading researcher of the project “Film and crisis: social change and representation in the cinema of the new century” (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad, FFI2017-82312-P). His research has focused on Film Studies from an aesthetic and cultural perspective, more specifically on auteur, genre (melodrama and the crime film), and transnational cinema.

He is the author of:

 Narrative and Stylistic Patterns in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (Camden House, 1999) (,

Clint Eastwood, de actor a autor (Paidós, 2006)  (

The Introspective Realist Crime Film (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) (

and of articles in Film Studies journals. Among these are:

“Say It with Generic Maps: Genre, Identity and Flowers in Michael Mann’s Collateral” (2008) Screening the Past (

“Generic Hybridity, Style and Film Noir in Michael Mann’s Heat” (2008) BELLS (

“Contemporary Hollywood Crime Film and the New Individualism” (2009) European Journal of American Studies (

“The Return of the Realist Spy Film” (2012) CineAction (

“Space and the Amateur Detective in Contemporary Hollywood Crime Film” (2013) Journal of Film and Video (

Crematorio or a Local Case of a Global Crime Film/Television” (2016) Hispanic Research Journal (

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