Marimar Azcona Montoliú

26Associate Professor of Film Studies and English at the University of Zaragoza. My current research interests include Cosmopolitanism, Stardom, Transnationalism and Border Theory.

Recent publications:


-The Multi-Protagonist Film. Oxford and Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

-Alejandro González Iñárritu. Co-written with Celestino Deleyto. Urbana, Chicago and Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2010.

Journal articles and book chapters

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “Matt Damon: A Cosmopolitan Hero for the Mainstream” Celebrity Studies. 10.2. (2019), 174-190.

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “Don’t Stop Me Now: Mobility and Cosmopolitanism in the Bourne Saga”. Mobilities. 11.2. (2016), 207-222.

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “We are All Uxbal: Narrative Complexity in the Urban Borderlands in Biutiful”. Journal of Film and Video. (2015), 3-13

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “The End of the Hollywood Hero: Dr T and the Women and Altman’s Multi-Protagonist Narratives” en Adrian Danks, ed. The Robert Altman Companion. Oxford and Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015, 448-464. ISBN: 9 781118 288900

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “The Boy Next Door: Transnational Identity in Gran Torino”. Transnacional Cinemas. 4.1 (2013), 25-41.

Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “A Cinema of Plenty: Robert Altman and the Multi-Protagonist Film” en Stephen Armstrong, ed. Interpreting Robert Altman. Jefferson, North Carolina: Mc Farland, 2011, 139-155. ISBN: 9 780786 444144

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