Beatriz Oria


Associate Professor of Film Studies and English at the University of Zaragoza. My primary areas of interest include film, television, gender, feminism, and cultural studies. My current research focuses on contemporary romantic comedy. I am a member of the research group "Film, culture and society" and the project “Film and crisis: social change and representation in the cinema of the new century”.  

Social media profiles: ResearchgateAcademia


Some of my recent publications are:


Global Genres, Local Films: The Transnational Dimension of Spanish Cinema. Elena Oliete-Aldea, Beatriz Oria, Juan Tarancón (eds). London, Oxford, New York: Bloomsbury. 2015.

Talking Dirty on Sex and the City: Romance, Intimacy, FriendshipLanham: Littlefield & Rowman. 2014.


Journal articles and book chapters

"We Found Love in a Hopeless Place: Romantic Comedy in the Post-Romantic Era".  After “Happily Ever After”: Romantic Comedy in the Post-Romantic Age. Maria San Filippo, ed. 2021. Wayne State UP: 27-46.

“Facing the Fig Tree: Contemporary Intimacy Culture in Master of None"Imagining “We” in the Age of “I:” Romance and Social Bonding in Contemporary Culture. Mary Harrod, Suzanne Leonard and Diane Negra, eds. 2021. London: Routledge: 77-92.

“‘I’m Taken… By Myself’: Romantic Crisis in the Self-Centered Indie Rom-Com”Journal of Film and Video. 73.1. Spring. 2021: 3-17.

"Love on the Margins: the American Indie Rom-com of the 2010s". Atlantis: Journal of the Spanish Association of Anglo-American Studies. 40.2. 2018: 145-168.

“Love is a Man’s Thing: Hollywood and the Spanish Homme-com”. Journal of Popular Film and Television. 43.1. 2015: 28-38.

"What's Love Got to Do with It? Sex and the City's Comic Perspective on Sex"The Journal of Popular Culture. 47.2. 2014: 381-397.

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