Mónica Martín

22Lecturer at the Department of English Studies of the University of Zaragoza. My research interests include utopia and dystopia in cinema, cosmopolitan hopes in 21st-century films, social movements, feminism, ecocriticism and the sociology of globalization.

My PhD thesis (2020) analyses cosmopolitan aspirations in contemporary movies. It explores how the films of globalization illustrate the rebirth of utopia, conceived as an open method grounded in egalitarian and ecological principles. I hold an MA in Film Studies from University College London and I am a member of the research project “From Utopia to Armageddon: The Spaces of the Cosmopolitan in Contemporary Cinema.”


“Ecocritical Archaeologies of Global Ecocide in Twenty-First-Century Post-apocalyptic Films.” Avenging Nature: The Role of Nature in Modern and Contemporary Art and Literature. Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield. 2020. ISBN 9781793621443

“Utopia as a Cosmopolitan Method in Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men.” Utopian Studies 32.1. 2021.

“Time’s Up for a Change of Political Focus: Katniss Everdeen’s Ecofeminist Leadership in The Hunger Games Film Series”. Atlantis 43, no.1. June 2021.

“Broadcasting a World at Risk: Unreliable Media and the Culture of Fear in Children of Men and V for Vendetta”. Cinemascope Independent Film Journal 17. January-June 2012. ISSN 2240-4724

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